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Notes on the Greek New Testament

Sunday 22 January
Today's Reading - Matthew 14:13-36 Bible Passage English Bible Passage Greek   Related Blog(s) Related Blogs

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Quote for the Week

"Capitalism has no internal logic or morality which will place limits on the abundance or surfeit which it produces. As a result, in the rough-and-tumble scramble for success, our markets are flooded with far more goods, far more choices, than we actually need... America, as a result, has become a paradise of unlimited, endless consumption, where desire now substitutes for the moral norms which were once there. And desire is never satiated. The mountainous garbage heaps every city creates, the numerous used car lots, the garage sales, and the storage lockers all tell the same story of use but they often tell the story of desire, too. Desire, today, is the only norm and this is another indication of the way in which our modernised world has brought us to a place which, at a practical level, is godless."

David F. Wells, Above All Earthly Powers, (Leicester: IVP, 2005), pp. 39-40