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Notes on the Greek New Testament

Sunday 1 March
Today's Reading - Mark 10:13-31 Bible Passage English Bible Passage Greek   Related Blog(s) Related Blogs

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Quote for the Week

"Christian spirituality is not an escape from creation. It is not a way out, a way of declaring the present world and our physical existence to be simply evil, dark, gloomy and bad, dragging our immortal souls into the mire. On the contrary, God intends to redeem the present creation. He has begun that operation in Christ, and now continues it in the Spirit, in the hearts and lives and behaviour of those who are in Christ. And, as he does so, this means for Paul that God has shone into people's lives the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

"Every element of this rich statement needs to be unpacked and laid out. Without Christ, people are in the dark, they don't know who they really are as human beings. They don't know who God really is. In particular, they cannot make any sense of the strange story of Jesus. But when God works through the preaching of the gospel, through the work of the Spirit, people come to understand all these things about themselves, about the world, about God and about Jesus. And, supremely, they come to the knowledge of the glory of God."

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Tom Wright, Reflecting the Glory (Abingdon: The Bible Reading Fellowship, 1997), pp. 42-43

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