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Sep 25 2011 - E100.30c – Ruth 3, The threshing floor

Now it's Naomi's turn to try and look after Ruth by seeking to find her a husband. Naomi has her eyes set on Boaz since he is a relative of her late husband, Elimelek. Boaz is able to act as kinsman-redeemer, one able to redeem a relative from a situation of difficulty.

Naomi knows that Boaz will be sleeping that night at the threshing floor, guarding his harvest. She tells Ruth to go there at dead of night and lie at his feet – a symbol of seeking to come under his protection.

Boaz wakes with a start, perhaps thinking someone has come to steal his grain but finding instead that Ruth is lying at his feet and seeking his protection. Boaz is moved; it would seem that he is quite taken with this young girl. He would be glad to become her husband and guardian, but there is one obstacle; there is a closer kinsman who has prior rights. Boaz will need to negotiate for Ruth.

Boaz sends Ruth off in the morning with her shawl full of grain and the promise that he will do all he can to help Ruth.

Christ has become our kinsman-redeemer. He took upon himself our humanity that he might take us to be his own. He has loved us, redeemed us at great cost, cast his protection over us and has heaped his riches upon us.

Saviour God, we thank you for Jesus our kinsman-redeemer who has covered us with the garment of his righteousness. May we always sit at his feet, learn from him and follow him.

Peter Misselbrook