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Sep 17 2011 - E100.29a – Judges 13, The birth of Samson

The Philistines were a seafaring people who migrated from Greece to the coastal area of the Promised Land after the time of the conquest. They do not seem to have oppressed the Israelites in the same way as the Midianites had done. Rather, they seemed to have been willing to live alongside them and intermarry with them. The danger for Israel was that the Philistines might dominate the land and Israel become assimilated into Philistine culture. With Samson, the fight back against the Philistines begins.

Zorah and Manoah were unable to have children. It is to such a couple that an angel of God is sent to promise them a son. He is a special gift from God. God has plans to make him the one who will begin to save Israel from the hands of the Philistines.

The child is to be a Nazirite; one whose life is to be entirely devoted to God. Two of the marks of a Nazirite are abstinence from alcohol and leaving one's hair uncut. Samson's mother, Manoah, is required to abstain from alcohol while pregnant with the child.

From the moment of Samson's birth the Spirit of the Lord is at work in him, preparing him for his life's work.

Samson is a child of promise, but how will he live up to the promise and calling of God upon his life?

Father, I am conscious that I am no-one special. But I do have a special Saviour, the child of promise. Help me to be obedient to your calling upon my life in him. Help me to be entirely devoted to your service.

Peter Misselbrook