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Sep 9 2011 - E100.26a – Judges 2:6-15, Disobedience brings defeat

Joshua died and the generations that followed soon forgot what the Lord had done for them in bringing their ancestors out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. They are surrounded by people who worship fertility gods and who tell them that the only way to secure a good harvest is to follow their example in worshipping the gods of the land.

So Israel lost sight of its calling to be different from the nations among whom they now lived – their calling to be a light to the nations. Instead they imitated those among whom they lived, perhaps hoping that this would ensure their acceptance among their neighbours and that they would be able to live peacefully in the land. 

But they had forgotten that the Lord himself was the source of their blessing. So their disobedience resulted in disaster and defeat. They find that their neighbours are a threat to them and that there is no-one to help them. God is seeking to teach them that without him they face the loss of all things.

We face more subtle pressures to conform to the lifestyle and values of those around us. We are continually bombarded with messages telling us that this is the way to prosper; this is the way to do well; this is the way to lead a satisfied life. The world wants to squeeze us into its own mould, but God calls us to march to the beat of a different drum – to be continually transformed by his Spirit and to be a transforming influence upon the world around us.

Father God, help us never to forget what you have done for us in the Lord Jesus. We live among a clamour of voices calling us to come and find our satisfaction in the life they are offering. Through the clamour, help us to hear the clear voice of Jesus calling us to follow him and find contentment in him. Transform us into his likeness and help us to have a transforming influence on the world in which we live for the blessing of the world and the glory of your name.

Peter Misselbrook