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Aug 13 2011 - E100.19a – Exodus 12:1-28, Passover preparations

The Lord is about to come down in judgment upon Egypt and to redeem his people from slavery. But when God comes down in judgment, no-one is safe. Hence the elaborate preparations that need to be made for that night.

Some are practical preparations for travel. That night, the Israelites are to remain clothed with their cloaks tucked into their belts, sandals on their feet and staff in hand ready for an immediate and rapid exit. Nor will they have time to allow their bread to rise; they will have to eat unleavened bread.

Other preparations are for their protection. Each household is to take a lamb, the meat of which will be sufficient to feed the family. They are to kill the lamb in the evening and to collect the blood in a basin. Then they are to take a bunch of hyssop to use like a paintbrush, dip it in the blood and paint the sides and tops of the doorframes of their house. None of the family is to leave the house that night. When the Lord comes down in judgment he will see the blood painted on the doorframes and will pass over that house. The household will be spared from judgment because a lamb has been sacrificed. There will be a death in every household in Egypt that night: in the Egyptian households, the death of the firstborn; in the Israelite households, the death of the Passover lamb.

This momentous act of judgment and of salvation will be remembered forever in Israel. It will mark the start of a new year for them and will be celebrated annually. The salvation of God creates a new beginning.

When God comes down in judgment, no-one is safe. We all fall short of what God calls us to be; we are all deserving of his judgment. But God has provided a lamb for us; Christ our Passover has been sacrificed and his shed blood keeps us safe from the wrath to come. He is our salvation and redemption.

Holy God, thank you for the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Thank you for Jesus and his death in my place. Thank you for the salvation and new beginning I have in him. Help me to celebrate this salvation daily by living the life you call me to live – a life free from the 'yeast' of malace and wickedness.

Peter Misselbrook