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Aug 12 2011 - E100.18d – Exodus 10:21-11:10, Darkness gathers

The ninth plague brings total darkness over the land of Egypt for three days – though the Israelites, living in Goshen, continue to enjoy sunlight every day. The mighty Egyptian sun god, Amen-Ra, has no power against the God of Israel.

Pharaoh calls for Moses and tells him that all the people may go, men, women and children, but they must leave their livestock behind to ensure they return. Moses replies that they must take their livestock with them since some will be required for an offering to the Lord. At this Pharaoh tells Moses to get out of his sight. If he appears before Pharaoh again he will be executed. Moses agrees. There will be no more bargaining. God's patience and forebearance has come to an end.

The Lord tells Moses what he is about to do. One last plague will make Pharaoh, and with him all of the people of Egypt, want to be rid of the Israelites; indeed, they will bribe them to leave Egypt. The Lord is going to come down in judgment. He will strike dead the firstborn in every home in Egypt but will ensure that his people are kept safe; not one of them will die.

God saves his people by coming down to break the power of those who hold them captive. He broke the power of Egypt that he might free the Israelites. In Jesus, God has come down to save us from captivity to sin and death. By his death Jesus paid the penalty for our sins and by his resurrection he has broken death's stranglehold on our lives. He has brought us out of darnkess into light. The Lord Jesus is still at work liberating people from the powers that hold them captive and bringing them into the glorious freedom of the children of God.

Almighty God, the gods of people's imagination are empty idols, but you are the creator of heaven and earth. The sun, moon and stars do your bidding. Nothing can withstand your power for all things were created by the power of your word. Thank you that you have shown us that it is your purpose to save; even your acts of judgment serve your saving purposes. We stand in awe of you.

Peter Misselbrook