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Aug 4 2011 - E100.16b – Exodus 2:1-10, The birth and preservation of Moses

Pharaoh is intent on decimating the Israelites and has ordered that every male child born to an Israelite woman should be thrown into the river.

Amram and Jochebed received the gift of a healthy baby boy. Jochebed knew that she could not keep him hidden from the Egyptian terror squads, so she hit upon a plan. She would comply with the letter of Pharaoh's law while doing all she could to preserve the boy's life. She made for him a watertight basket of woven reeds and placed him in the river, sending his older sister, Miriam, to watch what would happen.

Pharaoh's daughter, coming to the river to bathe, finds the baby, takes pity on him and decides to keep him. Miriam offers to find someone to nurse the baby who is promptly handed back to his mother, but now with the protection and payment of the royal court. Once the child is weaned, he is handed back to Pharaoh's daughter who names him 'Moses' and brings him up as her own son.

This remarkable story, like that of Joseph, shows that God is at work through even the darkest pages of history to save his people and fulfil his own purposes. The very means that Pharaoh has chosen for the destruction of Israel – throwing baby boys into the river – is the means used of God to preserve the life of the one who will lead Israel out of captivity. The very household that is intent upon Israel's destruction nurtures its deliverer.

Father God, help me to learn this clear lesson that I can trust you in all circumstances. And give me wisdom to discern how I may even use the devices of those who oppose you to further your purposes and build your kingdom.

Peter Misselbrook