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Jul 12 2011 - E100.6a – Genesis 12:1-9, The call of Abram

The call of Abram is God's response to Babel. From all the scattered people of the earth, God calls one man into special relationship with him.

Abram is called to leave his country and his family to follow the call of God into an inheritance that he cannot yet see. Those who try to secure a future for themselves – like those at Babel – will lose it. Those who leave their own security to follow the call of God will receive an inheritance that can never be lost.

God makes a series of promises to Abram. In addition to the promise of a land, God promises to make from Abram a great nation – a people who will be God's own possession. Secondly, he promises to make Abram's name great – Abram does not need to strive to make a name for himself. Thirdly, God promises not only to bless Abram but also to make him a blessing; in him all nations on earth shall be blessed. The history of scattering and of disunity will be reversed as God's promises and saving power touch people of all nations to recreate them as one new people of God.

Here we see that the promises given to Abram are not only God's response to Babel, they are his response to the sin that has entered the world through Adam. Rebellion caused separation from God; by his call of Abram, God creates a people who will live in fellowship with him. Rebellion brings exclusion from the Garden of God; God promises Abram a land (the cosmos! Romans 4:13), in which he will enjoy the blessings of God. The rebellion of one man (one couple), brings misery upon the whole human race; the blessing of this one man will bring blessing to all nations.

God of Abram, thank you that you have not left us to our own devices. Thank you for all of your precious promises which are sealed to us in your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Help me gladly to let go of all those things by which I would provide security for myself that I may willingly follow your call with all my heart.

Peter Misselbrook